Monday, November 08, 2010

my first reupholster

i always thought reupholstering would be difficult, but this was actually quite simple.  i'm sure if it were a couch i would think differently, but this was a good place to start -->

i've had this chair for over ten years.  a friend's mom was going to set it out with the trash and i saved its life.  there is nothing wrong with it other than the missing piece on the back, which is only decorative.  the old fabric is a maroonish velvet, which i liked in high school, but not so much anymore.  after watching this instructional video from thread banger, i thought it would be a snap.  but after removing the seat and cutting the fabric i realized we didn't have any staples for the staple gun.  normally this would be a quick trip to the hardware store, but we had other errands to run so i had to wait to finish my project.  four hours and a boogie burger later, i was able to return.  it had already been reupholstered a couple of times, so i had to cut away at the old fabrics so there would be room for the new fabric and screws.  once all that was done i attached the new fabric and this is my new chair -->

you can see pish posh anxiously waiting at the door.  this is her new favorite chair.  i thought about figuring out how to make the missing piece and re-staining the whole thing, but realized it was kind of nice a little worn and i really didn't feel like spending the extra time and money on it right now.  i got the fabric at the free market.  it looked like it used to be a quilt.  here is a close up -->

now we just need people to come over.  what do you say, want to come over and sit on it?

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