Sunday, June 05, 2011

five times a lady

recently, i read both Roseanne: My Life As a Woman and My Lives while simultaneously watching the full series of Roseanne.

 i learned that she is jewish, was in a mental institution, gave a baby up for adoption, really likes lenny bruce, at one point did everything in fives, had sex for money and how to make chilimac.  while i had to force myself to read them start to finish, what i really liked were the pictures.  i don't think i gave her much thought before reading the books, so these pictures gave me an interesting look into her life. 

 baby Roseanne

 her parents.  i think she looks more like her dad. 

whoa Roseanne, put on some pants!

apparently, Tom Arnold used to be skinny too.   i like her overalls.  for some reason, i see them as lavender.  they were both stylin'! 

now i just have to read her latest book, Roseannearchy: Dispatches from the Nut Farm and i will know everything she wants me to know about her.  (if anyone is interested in owning these books, they will be available for purchase at our upcoming yard sale). 

on a related note, i can't watch Roseanne without thinking that Beverly Harris (played by Estelle Parsons) looks like Lady Elaine Fairchilde from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. 


  1. i would really really like these books. is there anyway you could send them to me? maybe for trade?

    i finished roseanne (the full series) a couple of months ago. the last season got so painful.

  2. i'm down for a trade.

    we are on the last season now. and yes, it is very painful.