Friday, June 24, 2011


sometimes when i was little my dad would shake his fist in my direction and jokingly ask if i wanted a knuckle sandwich.  i wanted to say yes because i liked sandwiches and thought it sounded good.


  1. hahahahaha! you are cute. we should go shopping at Found together. Have you been there? I saw a profile on it in the weekend portion of the star on thursday....

  2. i have not been to found, have never heard of it. let's go!

  3. great, lets do.... and, I just saw your comment on my post--yes! I can't believe I typed that skirt was from gdwl--it was from the clothing exchange!! I couldn't remember--I thought I would make something out of it--and then I tried it on--and have worn it twice...totally forgot--I need to correct that! Thanks for reminding me!! Goodness sakes--I feel like and ingrate! we will make plans to visit Found. I know you will love it. (I mean, I haven't been but I just know...) :)