Thursday, June 09, 2011

whale tale

most of what i make is pretty small.  i like something you can hold in your hand.  i usually don't work much bigger than a postcard.  i am comfortable with small.  that is why i thought i should challenge myself and make something bigger.  so i compromised; i made a big whale out of tiny flowers-->

i really enjoyed this process.  while my wrist and hand did suffer, if was still so satisfying.  here is a detail-->  

i've always liked repetition.  when i was little, my mom would give me a bucket of water and a sponge brush and i would paint the deck.  while the sun quickly dried up anything i put down, i kept going.  i thought if i went fast enough i could finish the whole deck before the sun had a chance to suck it up.  i felt the same determination with this (even though nothing was getting dried up).  i got so lost in it, that each flower i drew was the only thing that existed in that moment.  each flower i drew felt like a surprise.  i was totally obsessed.  i was glad when it was done, but still feel the need to do more.  there is something about drawing the same thing over and over that i can never get enough of.  i am learning how to be bigger, one tiny flower at a time. 

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